Welcome to the WESTERN CAPE

Where do you even start talking about the magic and wonder of the Mother City? The view of the skyline and the crystal blue sea renders us completely subjective quicker than your eye misses a dassie on Table Mountain.

Where do you even start talking about the magic and wonder that is the home to the Mother City in a publication like this? We Probably shouldn’t considering that the view of the skyline and the crystal blue sea renders us completely subjective quicker than your eye misses a dassie on Table Mountain.

So we’ve brought in the expert. Who better to share the ebb and flow of Cape Town’s hospitality and offerings than South Africa’s most revered, celebrity caterer and event planner, Vicky Crease of Vicky Crease Catering and Events?

Extolling the natural magnificence of the Western Cape could be a waste of valuable editorial space as it is so synonymous with the province. So Vicky puts that bit right upfront before she cooks another thing. “Cape Town is a place of unparalleled natural beauty, with its sea views, forests and wine farms.” What she said. Homage paid. But not before putting a culinary stake in the ground too of course – “and it is home to some of the world’s best restaurants.” And that was straight from the chef’s mouth.

So moving right along with more Western Cape tales.

“Cape Town is a premier location for any urban tourism and business conference. It combines key and diverse business aspects needed for both small and large scale events – from the transport needs like the vital, working harbor and functional airport to the creative elements that give the city its creative edge.

With its constant and dynamic emerging creative energy, world first design, art initiatives and of course a variety of professional services, there is no excuse not to achieve brilliance in the Western Cape. Of course there is also the province’s natural sense of hospitality that lends itself to being ideal conference and event hotspot. The numerous hotels as well as the world class Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) are further attractions for the business person.”

Vicky’s personal favourite piece of history about the Western Cape without a doubt the island in Table Bay, just 6.9km’s west off the coast of Bloubergstrand. Dubbed Robben Island (which means Seal Island in Dutch) it’s where South Africa and the world’s beloved Nelson Mandela spent many years in prison as part of his relentless fight against injustice. “It has become one of Cape Town’s biggest tourist attraction and stands out as a striking reminder of the country’s fight for democracy.”

To the tourist who has yet to set foot in the Western Cape, Vicky would lead with “Cape Town has been nominated by Conde Nast as the 8th friendliest city in the world and is a place of great natural beauty and rich historic heritage. Visitors should try and experience swimming with the penguins at Boulders Beach and do some shoppng at the V+A Waterfront. Of course there are the other absolute musts like taking a trip up Table Mountain (by foot for the fit or cable car) and a visit to Hout Bar for its world renowned fish and chips.” And for the really brave? How about cage diving with sharks? – We’ll sit that one out thank you. 

Few people are as in the know as Vicky so here’s a heads up on what’s hot right now.

Life Grand Cafe is opening their signature Cape Town restaurant at the V&A Waterfront in December which will be a prime place to be spotted.

Then there’s Bertus Basson, on of the country’s most acclaimed celebrity chefs at the newly refurbished Ritz Hotel. Following an extensive R110 million make-over, the iconic hotel with 212 luxurious bedrooms will open its doors in time for the festive season with a host of luxury designs and amenities for that unique, guest-tailored experience. The restaurant will be set in the old revolving restaurant space with its sweeping city views, which will be transformed into a stylish eatery with South African-inspired cuisine. PS: Basson has already opened another restaurant this year in the heart of Stellenbosch called Speke en Bone (apparently named after his pet pig and puppy). Located at a historic site next to the original Stellenbosch market, it’s so new we have yet to visit – so do report back if you make it there.

And then something totally sublime would have to be Haute Cabrière vineyard estate located in Franschhoek. The estate was started over 300 years ago by Huguenot settlers from France, and primarily grows Chardonnay and Pinot noir varietals. The wine is delicious. The view is spectacular and the food hits the spot (book in advance).