Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium: More than just Matches 

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is giving you all the reasons you should probably host your function at a stadium.

You probably never had a stadium in mind when you were thinking of hosting your events or conferences, however, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is giving you all the reasons you should probably host your function at a stadium.

The easy-going, easy-living city of Nelson Mandela Bay cradles a world-class stadium in its heart. Having been erected for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the stadium has played host to countless sporting events since, all while owning being one of South Africa’s most beautiful stadiums. This year the stadium stood out for its abilities to host more than just soccer matches.

It’s a dedicated sports cornucopia, however the stadium has played host to a wealth of events that showcased it’s versatility this year. In October, the stadium embraced new sport, recreational and arts & culture events, most of which fell in to the stadium’s calendar for the very first time. October kicked off with a build-up fashion show at the stadium, that premiered Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week, followed by the Panache Reunion which saw the stadium being transformed in to a night club with incredible LED screening, visual, lighting and sound installations all in an indoor environment. Finally, The Colour Run splashed through the stadium to end off the month on a happy note.


If anything, this simply proves the importance of versatility in a large venue, and that’s something that the Stadium wears well. Stadium Manager, Mpho Mokonyama explains the thinking behind hosting such diverse events in a space intended for sports. “While we remain rooted in sport, we are committed to make Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium the preferred and go to destination for sport, arts, culture, recreational events and conferences.”

This season the Premiere Soccer League matches on 25 November and 6 December are the highlights you can expect at the stadium. However, you too can consider hosting a highlight of your very own.

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(images: sportbuzz, enca, Kierran Allen)

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