Fully Functioning Societi: It’s the whole package

Make your booking at Societi this season, and get the venue for free! For all year-end functions.

What are you looking for in a Summer event venue? A little sunshine? In house catering? An impeccable view? You’re already picturing it, aren’t you? Look no further than Societi Bistro in Cape Town.

There’s so many reasons you should consider Societi, more than just food, the space is picturesque yet a warm sense of home. Here are a few reasons why you should make your booking right now for your Summer function at Societi.

  1. The venue is free for hire this season!

Brides-to-be, listen up! We know what a mission it is to put together a wedding, not to mention insanely costly. Societi has had you in mind when they decided to make the venue hire free this season. In the challenging economic times, an offer like this is one that’s impossible to refuse. If you’re not a bride however, and you also want to take advantage of this special, you’re more than welcome to, as the offer is open to all year-end functions.

  1. There’s a Brand New Head Chef

In September, Societi Bistro announced that Robert Giljam is taking on the role of Head Chef at the restaurant. As a graduate from the City & Guilds accredited Capsicum Culinary Studios, the chef is positive about the position, as well as the flare that he can add to Societi, without taking away the classic bistro style that the restaurant is known for.

  1. It’s the whole package

The food, the view, the service… it really is the whole package! Societi is honestly a brilliant family space to escape to. It’s an oasis of sorts, right in the thick of popularity in the Western Cape, but perfectly secluded among the hype. It’s as beautiful as it is accommodating.

Take the opportunity now for a one of a kind memorable experience at Societi.

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