Contemporary Conferencing Creation: The Agility Hub

Above and beyond the already stunning accommodation and conferencing spaces that Brahman Hills provides, a new ingenious conferencing solution comes in the form of The Agility Hub.

Lush greenery, crisp air and the occasional wildlife hopping past your immediate view. Welcome, to the picturesque Brahman Hills, home to the new cutting-edge conferencing space, The Agility Hub.

Peacefully nestled in the Midlands of KZN, the hub is an original area for conferences and functions that is unlike any other. Above everything, how can you not be inspired by the view one of KZN’s most preserved environmental locations? There are so many reasons why the hub sets itself apart from others. If what you’re looking for is a conferencing space that is multi-functional, innovative and stimulating, then look no further than The Agility Hub. It’s a space for every kind of person and every kind of business, and is open to even the most testing demands. We’re sure you’ll find what you need at The Agility Hub, it’s designed specifically for multi-purpose functionality. From high-level board meetings to interactive conferences, the contemporary space management allows walls and doors to be stacked back, furniture to be moved and spaces to be opened and closed to perfectly accommodate your event, making The Agility Hub the first truly multi-functional venue in the Midlands. No request is too daunting or demanding.

The hub is host to an array of venue options, that are each versatile yet individual.

The Central Courtyard: A rustic visionary space that boasts natural light and red brick herringbone floor and water feature touches throughout. It’s an idyllic space laced with plants and other natural touches.
The White Room: Imagine a space dedicated to being a blank canvas – that’s what the white room is. It’s a 10m x 16m area that is a panoramic white board, making it the ideal location for strategic sessions that can either be done by delegates or a graphic facilitator. Equipped with sound and screens, as well as movable furnishings, the room can be divided into three soundproof areas that can either let the sunlight in or be transformed into a silent room.

The Private Garden: A harmonious space that leads off of the White Room, the Private Garden is a thoughtful space that is designed to allow for quiet contemplation and silent break away.
The Stables Boardroom: This room is your traditional boardroom setting, housing a boardroom table and upholstered chairs that take centre stage, the Stables Boardroom comfortably seats up to 18 people. The room is versatile and is fully equipped with audiovisual equipment. Leading on to the Stables Dining Room, the space can be opened up to make a large dining area that seats up to 100 people.

The Stables Dining Room: You can’t escape the picturesque view of the Midlands in this room, where large windows frame the stunning views across the valleys of the Midlands, making this space truly breathtaking. Black windows and doors function to create an intimate space, or can be packed back to allow access to the fields. Supported by a fully equipped, onsite kitchen, staff and chefs (as well as a Halaal chef) the menus can be tailored to meet any dietary requirements.
If that wasn’t enough, Brahman Hills also hosts further conferencing options beyond their accommodation facilities. Brahman is a true all-rounder, taking care of a wealth of needs that you probably didn’t know you had.

For more information on Brahman Hills and The Agility Hub, have a look at the website and make a booking for your next conference or function.

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