Chill-Out with the Cheetahs

With a wealth of wildlife roaming our soil, we thought we'd give a shout out to some of them every now and then. Here are a few places you can hang out with Cheetahs, and learn more about them!

If you’re South African born and bred, then chances are you rarely take the time to embrace the wildlife that roam throughout the country. There’s no need to feel ashamed, we know you just figured because they’re pretty much your neighbours, you can go visit any time! Well… why not make that day sooner rather than later? 

It’s time you take a moment to hang out with our local wildlife, and we think you start with the sassy cheetahs. They’re a playful animal, and a cuddle from a cheetah cub cures a lot of the problems that might be plaguing you at the moment.

It’s a wonder to watch a cheetah in their element, the fastest animal on the planet is also smart and surprisingly social. You can usually find out cheetah friends hanging out in a crew of 6-10 cheetahs, as they rely on each other socially and for survival. As beautiful as they are, these stunning creatures, like many of the cats in the “big cat” family, are endangered, and by hanging out with them, you can also help protect them.

Here are a few places where you can hang out with Cheetahs, where they also take care of the cats and protect them from danger:

The Cheetah Experience (Bloemfontein)

The Cheetah Experience is one of the most well-known Cheetah conservation spaces in the country. The space gives visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to come on an educational tour and learn about cheetahs and other endangered animals, to be able to see them up close, take some amazing photos, and learn how you can join us in the fight to protect these precious species.

Check out what they’re about here and get in contact with them here.

Daniell Cheetah Project (Kirkwood)

In the Eastern Cape fields you can find the Daniell Cheetah Project. You can come face to face with some of the Cheetahs here, allowing you to interact and photograph them. What sets them apart is the unique opportunity to walk with a cheetah. Daniell Cheetah project hosts Cheetah Walks with harness-trained cheetahs in the African bush.

Check out what they’re about here and get in touch with them here.

Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre (Hartbeespoort)

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is based in Gauteng and is solely a cheetah conservation project. Something pretty amazing that they do, is they come to you. They love to be invited in to schools and facilities in order to teach the world about the preservation of cheetahs in our country.

Check out what they’re about here and get in touch with them here.